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All restaurants here offer at least three vegetarian main dishes.
Find a perfect place for having dinner, also with non-vegetarians.

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  Welcome to Veggies on the Road! Please feel free to contribute to this web site by submitting your own favorite restaurant or commenting other restaurants. For the restaurants we use two types. The 100% vegetarian restaurants which only serve vegetarian food and the veggiefriendly restaurants. At these places there are at least three main dishes to choose from.

This website presents a very handy section of veggie phrases that you can use on the road. You even might find your soulmate in the forum section of this website. Don't forget to visit this website before hitting the road!



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Meat alternatives on the rise
Over the years the market of fake meat grew. There are more brands on the shelves and PETA is even awarding the meat with a yearly price for the best "faux meat". But why is it that those products look and taste so much like the real thing? It certainly makes it more interesting for meat eaters to try it.

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Pigeons go to Hollywood
Hollywood is now besides crowded with stars, the hometown of a lot of pigeons. Especially the poo is becoming a problem. Experts know a way to prevent the pigeons from having too many little ones.

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Sheep weed vineyards
Researchers are training sheep to weed vineyards. They are a green alternative to tractors. The most important thing the sheep learn is not to eat the expensive grapes.

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