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All restaurants here offer at least three vegetarian main dishes.
Find a perfect place for having dinner, also with non-vegetarians.

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There are 4 restaurants in this city. Add a restaurant
A la Crêpe d'Or
12 quai de la Fosse

Veggiefriendly | Hits: 292 | Votes: 0 | Write review
La table Romaine
22, allée du Commandant Charcot

Pizzas and pastes.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 368 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Le Borsalino
14, rue de la Baclerie

This restaurant serves some vegetarian pizzas and one or two pastes
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 328 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Mezzo di pasta
2 place du pilori

Paste to go. They have several vegetarian options. Closed on Sundays.
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1. A la Crêpe d'Or
2. Le Borsalino
3. La table Romaine
4. Mezzo di pasta
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