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All restaurants here offer at least three vegetarian main dishes.
Find a perfect place for having dinner, also with non-vegetarians.

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There are 13 restaurants in this city. Add a restaurant
Rijksstraatweg 360

Turkish restaurant
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 349 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Cafe Bruxelles
Lange Wijngaardstraat 16

Some vegetarian options on the menu at this place.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 339 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Zijlstraat 56

Italian food like pizza and pasta.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 339 | Votes: 0 | Write review
De Ark
Nieuw Heiligland 3

This restaurant has a vegetarian section on the menu. Dishes are served with fries and vegetables.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 388 | Votes: 0 | Write review
De gekroonde hamer
Breestraat 24

This restaurant has some vegetarian options like pasta and cheese fondue.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 365 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Eko eetcafé
Zijlstraat 39

100% Vegetarian | Hits: 364 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Schagchelstraat 13

Thai restaurant serving seven vegetarian dishes. Restaurant Erawan is recognized by Thai government as authentic representative of Thai cuisine. Open daily from 5 PM to 9.30 PM
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 366 | Votes: 1 | Write review
Juffrouw zonder zorgen
Grote Houtstraat 142-a

Lunchroom with enough vegetarian options.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 386 | Votes: 1 | Write review
Nieuwe Koningin
Koninginneweg 14

This restaurant has 3 vegetarian options on their menu. It is closed on mondays.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 352 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Riviervismarkt 1

Colorful mexican restaurant. All tortilla dishes here can be ordered in a vegetarian variant.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 377 | Votes: 1 | Write review
Restaurant BastiJan
Lange Veerstraat 8

Restaurant with some vegetarian main dishes like pasta and salad. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 529 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Gedempte Oude Gracht 48

Restaurant Teparos serves an authentic Thai cuisine. Nice flavors and fresh veggies. Teparos serves nine vegetarian dishes, all with tofu. This restaurant also has a catering and delivery service bringing your meal at your doorstep from Tuesday to Sunday.
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 309 | Votes: 1 | Reviews: 1
Vlam in de pan (VIP)
Smedestraat 13

Culinary greatness in a beautiful and colorful little restaurant. Restaurant Vlam in de Pan serves only vegetarian and vegan meals, with lots of biological ingredients. Not expensive due to the self service bar, you pay by the weight. Pity it is only open ...
100% Vegetarian | Hits: 533 | Votes: 1 | Reviews: 1


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2. Erawan
3. Vlam in de pan (VIP)
4. Popocatepetl
5. Teparos
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