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All restaurants here offer at least three vegetarian main dishes.
Find a perfect place for having dinner, also with non-vegetarians.

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There are 5 restaurants in this city. Add a restaurant
Eetcafé Het Leven
Druifstreek 57-59

Eetcafé Het Leven serves four vegetarian main courses. Open daily from 5PM
Veggiefriendly | Hits: 273 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Eetcafé Spinoza
Eewal 50-52

Restaurant Spinoza serves seven vegetarian main courses. Open daily from 4PM. Dinner is served until 10PM.
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Eethuis Siderius

Veggiefriendly | Hits: 412 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Peperstraat 1

Their main dish is falafel, but they serve salads and fries as well. Their mission is to spread the vegetarian lifestyle worldwide.
100% Vegetarian | Hits: 414 | Votes: 0 | Write review
Piet Paaltjens
Uniabuurt 12

Veggiefriendly | Hits: 366 | Votes: 0 | Write review


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1. Eethuis Siderius
2. Piet Paaltjens
3. Maoz
4. Eetcafé Spinoza
5. Eetcafé Het Leven
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