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All restaurants here offer at least three vegetarian main dishes.
Find a perfect place for having dinner, also with non-vegetarians.

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Eethuis de Zon
100% Vegetarian
This vegetarian restaurant dates back to 1974 and has seen several metamorphoses. In December 2008 Eethuis de Zon was opened at the current location in the midst of other restaurants and bars. At Eethuis de Zon a daily varying three courses menu is serv ...
City: The Hague
(Hits: 1253 | Votes: 4)
Betty's Petit Restaurant
100% Vegetarian
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
City: Amsterdam
(Hits: 1366 | Votes: 2)
Olive & Cookie
100% Vegetarian
Take-away with seats for 6-10 people on a "whomever comes first" basis. "Olive" for the haute cuisine vegetarian food and "Cookie" for the exquisite deserts! They can also be hired for catering jobs. Sandra & Petar make you feel at home and cook with love ...
City: Amsterdam
(Hits: 2029 | Votes: 2)
Restaurant La Diva
Every day restaurant La Diva offers a menu du chef, based on fresh ingredients in season. This means there is no menu, instead all guests are asked for any dietary preferences before serving the four-course diner. La Diva is very flexible to suit possib ...
City: Leiden
(Hits: 804 | Votes: 2)
Thai Thani
Thai restaurant with a large vegetarian section on the menu.
City: Rotterdam
(Hits: 976 | Votes: 2)
De Librije
Restaurant De Librije is currently one of two restaurants in the Netherlands with three Michelin stars. De Librije serves exquisite food and wines. Be aware that De Librije does not serve three vegetarian main courses, instead you can have a 4 courses, 6 ...
City: Zwolle
(Hits: 561 | Votes: 2)
De Eetstee
100% Vegetarian
Restaurant De Eetstee started in 2004 in a living room. Currently De Eetstee is a popular restaurant serving original dishes with fresh, mostly organic ingredients. The restaurant is located on the corner of Zuidsingel and Kleine Sint Jansstraat. O ...
City: Amersfoort
(Hits: 771 | Votes: 1)
100% Vegetarian
City: Amsterdam
(Hits: 919 | Votes: 1)
Golden Temple
100% Vegetarian
The Golden Temple is a vegetarian, biological restaurant with excellent food and nice atmosphere. After the early morning yoga class you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. Sweets and healthy food. Fresh Juices they serve all day and if you like they make ...
City: Amsterdam
(Hits: 1010 | Votes: 1)
Green Planet
100% Vegetarian
Closed on Sundays
City: Amsterdam
(Hits: 1139 | Votes: 1)


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