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Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant Rate this restaurantRate this restaurantRate this restaurantRate this restaurantRate this restaurant
100% Vegetarian
Dickson Plaza, Woolley Street

6262 9350

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Reviews (2)
My favourite restaurant
Reviewed by Nata, 2006-11-25

This is one of my favourite vegetarian retaurants in Australia - if not THE favourite.

It has a huge menu full of unusual dishes- the honey (mock) prawn and mushrooms in plum sauce and the (mock) sizzling mongolian lamb are my favourites.

This is a good vegan restaurant to take non-vegetarian friends to, as it has quite a number of yummy mock dishes, whih is always fun ("Are sure that's not meat?")

Prices are around $11-$15 for a large main meal, all in all very affordable.


Great selection
Reviewed by Anna Fox, 2006-11-21

A little bit pricier than Au Lac, but Kingsland is vegan and has some great signature dishes too. I really like the honey soy prawns, and they also have a soy lobster that I can't wait to try... They also offer yum cha - very nice!

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