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All restaurants here offer at least three vegetarian main dishes.
Find a perfect place for having dinner, also with non-vegetarians.

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What is veggiefriendly? PDF Print E-mail

A veggiefriendly restaurant serves at least 3 vegetarian options as main dish. This can also be a large salad or starters that you can order as an entree.

Some restaurants are making an effort by putting 1 vegetarian option on the menu, but we consider it not very veggiefriendly. Especially when you are having dinner with more than one vegetarian. It is much more fun to ask your partner "what are you having" instead of sighing and have to go with the "vegetarian surprise" being the only option on the menu.

We trust our visitors in making up other criteria as well. In France you have a lot of restaurants serving foie gras, which is from tortured geese. So maybe that sort of places never count as veggiefriendly even when they have 10 vegetarian main courses. But that is up to you to decide!